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The GESMEY Ocean Current Turbine. A proposal for marine current energy extraction on deeper waters

Date: October 09, 2013 at 16:25 GMT

Abstract: The paper shows the results of the research project that has as title “GESMEY” and it has been developed in collaboration between a research team from the E.T.S Ingenieros Navales of The Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and other from The Foundation Technological Centre SOERMAR.

The main objective of the Project it’s the design and development of a new type of submarine electrical generator to get the exploitation of the marine currents energy with a good performance, that has as name “Submarine Electrical Generator with Y shape framework (GESMEY).

The GESMEY generator can work into deeper waters and it gets the right depth by itself only using a hydrodynamics force that allows it to go to the surface or dive without any other help.

This Paper has the follow structure, it begins with a brief introduction about the present situation of this technological field and also an analysis over the energetic power of the marine currents on Gibraltar’s Strait it is done, as an ideal place to use GESMEY.

On following points, the Paper describe topics as the organization and methodology that was used during the development of the Project, the description of some device models and the generator’s internal system with the ballast system included and the way that the generator is submerged to the work place, emerge for maintained and towered to seashore. 

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